March 2001

Ajlun, Cave of the 7 Sleepers, Kan Zaman, Kerak, Qasr Amra, Qasr Iraq El Amir, Qasr Kharana.

Ajlun Fortress

I went to Ajlun to visit the Saracen stronghold of Qalaat-al-Rabad. During the crusades, this castle held a dominating position affording Saladin protection…

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Cave of the Seven Sleepers

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers is steeped in ancient tradition and fable. It was known in ancient tales as el Rakeem. Myriad tombs with ornately sculpted…

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Kan Zaman Shopping Area

Kan Zaman, which means Once Upon A Time, is where I ended up acquiring some very interesting Jordanian artifacts.

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Kerak Castle

Kerak. It is a mighty fortress dating back to 1136. It was at the time of the Crusades, however, where Kerak really attained its full glory. Built as a…

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Qasr Amra

Qasr Amra. This castle houses some of the most exquisite frescoes anywhere in the Middle East. They are thought to be early examples of pictorial art made in…

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Qasr Iraq El-Amir

Only about 21 miles from Amman, Qasr al-Abd (Castle of the Slave) also known as Qasr Iraq El-Amir, lies in the lush valley of Wadi el-Seer. The massive blocks…

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Qasr Kharana

Kharana. About 55 kilometers (34 miles) east of Amman, this is a well preserved Ummayed palace. A painted Kufic inscription above the door on the upper level…

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