San Francisco - June 16-19, 2021

Decided to get out of the oppressive heat wave afflicting the city and travelled to San Francisco for a few days. Did the usual tourist things like visiting China Town and the piers. Best part was getting access to fresh sea food.
JW Marriott
Stayed at the JW Marriott in Union Square. It is a very nice hotel and is near shopping and good eating establishments.
JW Marriott
The JW Marriott has a very interesting floor design as you can see in this photo that was taken looking up to the roof.
Union Square
Union Square is surrounded by upscale shops.
Union Square Coffee Shop
Would stop off here each morning to get a great tasting iced latte before heading out to visit other areas.
China Town
It is always fun to walk by and look at all the items for sale. Some of the food items sold here are clearly an acquired taste. Still, this is a great place to…
China Town
China Town
The Coit Tower
The Vaillancourt Fountain
The Ferry Building
Here you can catch ferries to other areas around San Francisco. The Ferry Building all has a nice food court.
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge
The San Francisco Belle
This is an old paddle wheel boat that has been turned into a very nice dining facility where you get great views of the waterfront and the city.
Pier 7
People like to come out to this pier and fish.
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge
Pier 39
It has been nearly 20 years since I have been back to Pier 39. It has changed quite a bit. Today you find a lot more eateries than in the past when it was…
Pier 39
Pier 39
Alcatraz Island
The old penitentiary is still popular with the tourist though now the tours are all self guided. Back when I visited I was lucky enough to have been given a…
The Golden Gate Bridge
This is the bridge that you take to get you out of the city and into northern California.
The seals
There were not as many seals here now as I remembered. Last time I was here there was hardly any room for the seals to lay out on; perhaps it is still too…