Catalina Island - September 21-24, 2021

Returned to Catalina Island after a 43 year hiatus. The island is still as quaint as I remembered it and it was a truly relaxing few days spent walking, eating and enjoying good wine. Looking forward to making this a yearly pilgrimage moving forward.
Coming in to Catalina Island. There was a lot of activity in the water.
Hotel Atwater. Stayed here during the trip. It was a very enjoyable hotel, recently updated, and central to the beach area in the town of Avalon.
The Hotel Atwater.
Hotel Atwater.
Hotel Atwater.
Hotel Atwater.
Hotel Atwater.
Hotel Atwater. Room was just about the right size and had recently undergone renovation. It was very a very comfortable room and after 9 PM the street was…
Avalon marina.
Avalon Grille. Started out at the bar enjoying a nice Cabernet Sauvignon and ended up having dinner on the outside patio.
Avalon Grille patio.
The streets all ran from the beach area up into the hills. Near the beach you would find shops and as you walked up the street you would enter the residential…
Nice little fountain on Sumner Street, which is where the Hotel Atwater is located.
Avalon beach towards evening.
Avalon marina.
The yellow submarine looking boat is the Nautilus. It takes tourists out past the marina and has glass portals that are under the water line allowing tourists…
The Inn at Mt Ada. It is the former island escape of William Wrigley, Jr. and his wife Ada. It provides amazing views of Avalon and would have loved to stay…
Walking the Avalon beach area. Did a lot of window shopping.
Avalon beach area.
Another view of the Inn at Mt Ada up on the top of the hill.