Wyoming - October & November 2008

This trip was one I've wanted to do for some time. Originally the goal of going to Wyoming was to look for land to purchase, but I've also wanted to see Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. This trip allowed me to combine both desires. The photos simply not do justice to the place. The amount of wildlife and the beautiful wide open spaces are incredible! I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos and videos of this trip.

Jackson Hole and Snake River

Jackson Hole was the starting and ending point of this trip into the Teton and Yellowstone. The town itself is small and quaint. The Four Seasons Hotel in…

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Yellowstone Day 1

The photos in this section start just after leaving Jackson Hole and headed towards the Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone Day 2

Day Two of Yellowstone was spent traveling through the Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower- Roosevelt and Lamar Valley.

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Yellowstone Day 3

Day three in Yellowstone National Park was spent visiting the Canyon Village area, Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley as well as the Lake Yellowstone area and then…

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Grand Teton Day 4

Day four was spent visiting the Grand Teton National Park in more depth.

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This folder contains videos of the trip. The Wyoming video contains footage from the entire trip set to music. The other video, Wildlife, contains footage of…

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