This folder contains videos of the trip. The Wyoming video contains footage from the entire trip set to music. The other video, Wildlife, contains footage of horses, bison and a pronghorn antelope coming together in a field just outside of Jackson Hole. As well, there is bison that was so calm and relaxed it allowed one to get within three feet of it. I spent an hour just listening to the bison drink and eat. It was an incredible experience. There is also footage of a moose and her calf. I hope you enjoy them.
Wyoming Video
Video encapsulating the magical trip taken to one of our greatest national parks.
Bison at Soda Butte Rock
Came across a bison at Soda Butte Rock and spent about an hour near him watching him eat, drink water, and relax. He was definitely aware of me but was not…
Horses, Bison, and Proghorn Antelope
This video contains footage of some of the wildlife in the park.
This video contains footage of moose encountered just off the roadway.
Video taken on the way back to Jackson Hole near the Grand Teton.