Italy - October 2004

Italy, my favorite country. This trip was confined mostly to northern Italy.

Cortona - October 2004

Cortona. Made famous by the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun."

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Florence - October 2004

Florence. Definitely my favorite Italian city.

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Greve - October 2004

Greve. It is a little town about an hours drive from Florence.

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San Gimignano - October 2004

San Gimignano. This is a beautiful little town where you can find the most exquisite ceramics.

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Tuscan Countryside - October 2004

Tuscany. What a beautiful part of the world.

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Venice - October 2004

Venice. I fell in love with this city after having read Marlena de Blase's book "A Thousand Days in Venice."

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Vignamaggio - October 2004

Vignamaggio. It is a working vinyard that also happens to have a villa for rent. I rented this villa and had the time of my life here. Folklore has it that…

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