Backyard Wildlife

Here you will find photos of animals that frequent my backyard. Every day brings some new adventure. The backyard is a favorite place for the Southwest's birds of prey due to the bird feeders that I have which attract doves, quail, finches and all sorts of other birds and animals.
Backyard Wildlife.
View of the backyard.
Another view of the backyard.
This is Buck. He is the neighbor's cat and is extremely friendly. He regularly comes around the back door to be let in and visit.
A Pyrrhuloxia. This is a very common visitor to the backyard as it loves the nuts and grain contained in the block of food.
It does not often snow in the desert, but when it does it is a treat.
The morning after it snowed.
A dusting of snow on the Santa Catalina Mountains just north of the house.
Snow on the Catalina's.
A Harris hawk the morning after the snow storm.
This is a photo of the Aspen Fire which burned in the Santa Catalina Mountains in June - July 2003 for about a month. By the time the fire was put out it had…
My neighbor Jim was visiting one evening and we were having a glass a wine and catching up when I noticed some movement out in the back yard. Imagine my…
This is a photo of a javelina squeezing through my gate. It is simply amazing to see as the pig is much, much broader than the 4 inch (10 centimeter) gap in…
This is a truly weird and disturbing photo of one lizard eating another. I have heard of this behaviour but had never witnessed first hand until then.
Backyard Wildlife.
This is the resident squirrel. He would climb up the pole and then grab onto the block of food to get to the nuts contained in it. I ultimately had to put a…
Backyard Wildlife.
Squirrel having a feast.
Backyard Wildlife.
The squirrel resting all spread out on the cool cement.
Backyard Wildlife.
The squirrel loves eating the plants and flowers in the back yard.
Backyard Wildlife.
The squirrel. He or she had its den somewhere inside the pile of rocks.
Backyard Wildlife.
Can you see the Cooper's hawk gliding past. Hint: it is right in the center of the photo. It flew in looking for a meal but did not have any luck.