Personal Toys

Here you will find those items which I call toys - cars and computer equipment.

HP BlackBird 002

In December 2007, I bought an HP BlackBird 002 A1 computer. It came equipped with an ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard, an Intel Core Extreme CPU Q6850…

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HRE Wheels

I upgraded the stock wheels on the Jaguar S Type R to much lighter and nicer looking HRE wheels.

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Jaguar S Type R

This is my toy, a Jaguar S Type R. The S Type R is supercharged and I have made enhancements to the car that make it much improved over stock. This is my…

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Lexus LS 460

The LS460 is an incredible car to drive. It is extremely quiet, refined and has a fantastic 28 speaker Mark Levinson sound system. This is the car I use for…

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