Family and Friends

Here you will find photos of my family and friends.

Cordelia's and Matilda's First Pizza

I acquired an Ooni pizza oven with the express purpose of seeing my grandniece, Matilda, make her very own pizza. I had her and her sister, Cordelia, and their…

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Cordelia's 5th Birthday Party - October 2, 2022

Cordelia, Jason and Trini's oldest, turned 5 on September 2022. A party was held for her and a few of her friends at Big Air Trampoline Park in Chandler. …

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Thanksgiving 2021

Had a small gathering this year. We decided to do everything outside again just like last year to keep everyone safe. The kids had a great time playing…

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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving dinner held at my home. With Covid-19 still running rampant, we decided to do everything outdoors this year. Rich, Dee and their kids came over…

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Berika and Natia - February 2020

My friend Berika and his friend Natia came to visit from the Georgia Republic. We ended up visiting the Arizona - Sonora Desert East Park together and …

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House Pool Party - June 2019

Jason, Trini. Justin , and Lisa brought their kids over to pick some vegetables from the garden and enjoy the pool. Rich and Dee joined them.

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Jason and Trini's Wedding - June 2016

Jason and Trini's wedding was held in San Diego, at the Kona Kai hotel in Shelter Island.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving dinner held at my house.

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Berika's USA Trip - 2010

My friend Berika, from Tbilisi, Georgia, came out to visit me in May 2010 and we did a road trip to acquaint him with the south western part of the United…

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Paul's 65th Birthday Party

Paul's 65th Birthday Party. We celebrated it at Jack and Sue Dyson's home on a beautiful April day.

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Mazen's Arizona Trip - September 2007

Mazen's daughter, Lema, lived in Arizona for a time, so my friend Mazen flew out from Jordan to come see her in September 2007. We ended up getting together…

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Christmas Eve 2006

Christmas Eve 2006.

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Easter 2006

Easter 2006. Ryan has been getting a bunny cake or pie made for him since he was very young. This year it was a bunny pie.

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Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005.

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July 4, 2005

July 4th, 2005.

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Thanksgiving 2004

Thanksgiving 2004.

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Easter 2004

Easter 2004. This Easter the kids decide to go upstairs to the master bedroom and watch a movie.

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Christmas 2001

Christmas Eve 2001.

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Thanksgiving 2001

Thanksgiving 2001.

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Christmas 2000

Christmas 2000.

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Thanksgiving 2000

Thanksgiving 2000.

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Odd and Ends

Here you will find photos of family and friends from over the years. I have tried to group the photos by individual and year the photo was taken to show how…

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