Thanksgiving 2021

Had a small gathering this year. We decided to do everything outside again just like last year to keep everyone safe. The kids had a great time playing outside as the day was beautiful.
She just started walking recently and is making the best of this new found talent. Shoes are optional.
The Group Enjoying Wine and Catching Up
The day got a bit warm as the afternoon worn on, so the group made the most of the shade.
Rich, Lisa, and Justin
Rich, Lisa, and Justin enjoying a light conversation.
Enjoying the Shade Before Dinner
The umbrellas came in handy to provide shade against the afternoon sun.
The Group Enjoying Themselves Before Dinner
It was nice to hear the group laughing amoungst themselves.
Dylan being shy.
Dylan Chasing Ava
I got exhausted from watching the kids run around all afternoon. I wish I had that kind of energy.
Ava and Cordelia
This is a common photo on Thanksgiving day. The girls sit on their Fisher-Price kids table and work on "projects."
Ava and Cordelia Decorating Cookies
This year the girl's Thanksgiving Project was to decorate cookies.
Checking In on the Cookie Decorating Project
Trini and Jason check in with the girls to see their progress with the Cookie Decorating Project.
Cookie Decorating is Complete
The end result of Eva and Cordelia's Cookie Decorating Project.
Motion Shot of Ava and Matilda
Took a motion shot of Ava and Matilda.
Original Photo of Ava and Matilda
Same photo as the one before but in regular mode.
Dylan and Ava Playing
Dylan and Ava enjoyed running around all afternoon.
Dylan, Ava, and Cordelia Playing
Cordelia enjoyed joining her cousins in running around the yard.
Ava and Matilda Playing
Ava enjoyed playing with her younger cousin.
Dylan, Ava, and Matilda Playing
Matilda truly enjoyed playing with her cousins even if she had a bit of trouble keeping up.
Eva and Matilda Running
Eva and Matilda running around the yard. Matilda did her best to keep up.
Ava Chasing Dylan - Motion Shot
A motion shot of Eva chasing her brother.
Ava Chasing Dylan - Regular Shot
Same photo as the one before but taken as regular photo.