Cordelia's 5th Birthday Party - October 2, 2022

Cordelia, Jason and Trini's oldest, turned 5 on September 2022. A party was held for her and a few of her friends at Big Air Trampoline Park in Chandler. Everyone seemed to have a good time; the adults got to spend some time chatting and the kids enjoyed the play area and the sweets.
The dessert table
Cordelia wanted a Little Mermaid motif for her birthday. The family obliged.
The sitting area for the kids
This was as good as the area looked before the kids sat down to eat.
The kids eating
The kids were able to enjoy pizza, chicken tenders, potato chips, and lots of sweets such as cookies, cupcakes, and cake.
The Air Park mascot
Cordelia was excited about meeting the mascot and getting some cotton candy from him.
Matilda getting ready to blow out the sparkler
Little did Cordelia know that the sparkler could not be blown out.
The cake
The cake was made by her grandmother and her great aunt.
Group photo
The kids were rounded up so that a group photo could be taken.
Eva and Matilda
Eva and Matilda swinging.
Eva being a monkey on the monkey bars.
Dylan swinging
Dylan enjoyed ramping up on the swing.
Matilda and Eva
The girls enjoying the trampoline.
Dylan, Eva, and Matilda having fun.
From what Jason said, Matilda finally was able to enjoy herself as in prior trips she had a hard time navigating the trampolines.
Matilda and the cup cake episode
Matilda really liked the icing on the cupcake. The cupcake itself, not so much.
Blowing out the candle
A short video of Cordelia's cake with the sparkler candle lit.
Eva and Matilda enjoying the swing
A short film of Eva and Matilda had a fun time on the swing set. Eva made sure to take care of Matilda who seemed a little overwhelmed with everything going…
Dylan, Eva, and Matilda having fun.
A short video of Dylan, Eva, and Matilda enjoying themselves.