Berika's USA Trip - 2010

My friend Berika, from Tbilisi, Georgia, came out to visit me in May 2010 and we did a road trip to acquaint him with the south western part of the United States. We visited southern and northern Arizona, Las Vegas, San Diego and La Jolla.

La Jolla and Del Mar

La Jolla and Del Mar are just north of San Diego and it is here that we came to spend time on the beach and do some fine dining.

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San Diego

Berika and I drove from Las Vegas to San Diego. It was a long trip but it was wonderful once we got there. The weather was perfect and we checked into the…

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Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas

After spending time in Southern Arizona, we decided to head up north and visit the Grand Canyon. I took a short side trip to have him get to know Sedona, one…

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Tucson, Bisbee, and Tombstone

The first few days of Berika's trip were spent visiting Southern Arizona. I took him out into the Arizona-Sonora Desert then we visited Bisbee, an old mining…

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