This section contains photos taken from my travels around the world. Because of the large number of places visited and photos posted, I've have broken up this section of the website into several sub-folders containing trips from the 1990's, 2000 - 2005, 2006- 2010, and up to the present.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Tonto Natural Bridge. Considered the largest travertine bridge in the world, it’s more than 180 feet (55 meters) high and about 150 feet (46 meters) at its widest point. It is located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of Payson, Arizona. Visited in October 2013 and the weather was perfect for hiking.

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San Diego July 2013

Did the annual pilgrimage to San Diego to get away from the Tucson heat and to see the wonderful fireworks dsiplay on the bay.

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Oak Creek Canyon and Botanical Gardens 2012

Took a trip to visit Oak Creek Canyon in Northern Arizona the first week of November. I was hoping to see the fall foliage but was suprised that so few trees have turned color. Still it was a nice trip. As well, the Phoenix Botanical Gardens had a Monarch Butterfly Exhibition going on and visited that as well.

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Williams - Flagstaff 2012

We decided to go up north for the weekend to attend a wine festival in William's, Arizona, and to take some photos of the leaves changing color. The wine festival was a great deal of fun as this year they hosted it at a wild animal park, Bearizona, and we got to see some of the animals they keep there. Some are rescue animals, like the Great Horned Owl you will see in the photos and video, which the park is hoping to rehabiliate and put back into the wild. The following day we decided to visit Flagstaff, Arizona, where they have a farmer's market every weekend and we picked up some food stuffs and then walked around the old downtown section of the city.

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Sun Glow Ranch August 2012

Went back to Southeastern Arizona to enjoy the Lawrence Dunham Vineyards wine festival they put on every year. As usual it was a very pleasant experience and I learned a little more about the process of grape growing and wine making. We ended up staying at the Sun Glow Ranch given that last year we stayed here and truly fell in love with the place. The majority of the photos in this album were taken at the ranch and there are a couple of videos of the resident geese and horses.

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San Diego July 2012

Traveled to San Diego to get away from the Tucson heat and to enjoy the fireworks over the 4th of July. The fireworks turned out to be a dud due to a technical malfunction. All the fireworks went off at once. Luckily no one was hurt. Nevertheless, the trip turned out to be quite relaxing and enjoyable.

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Mendocino May 2012

It was time to get out of the Tucson heat and visit the Mendocino coast to cool off and celebrate my birthday. So off we went and spent four wonderful days enjoying the incredible weather, eating some fine food and drinking some great wine.

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New York City 2011

I needed to be in New York City and ended up having enough spare time to visit some of the attractions. In particular, I wanted to and was able to visit the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, The New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree, and even got to see Central Park and a few other attractions. Some of the sections have video which should prove enjoyable. Enjoy.

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Georgia Republic 2011

I returned to Tbilisi, Georgia in November 2011, to continue work with the Ministry of Education. This was a productive trip work wise and I was able to go out and have some fun though the weather did begin to turn cold.

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Paris - Provence 2011

I was scheduled to be in Paris for some work and decided to tack on a few extra days to the trip to visit the Provence region. We stayed at the Moulin de la Roque, in Noves, and headed out each day on our adventures. We also spent a few days in Paris exploring and doing some serious walking. Many of the sections contian short videos of the places visited.

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Chiracahuas September 2011

We decided to get away from the Tucson heat and visit the southeast corner of Arizona where the Chiracahua mountains reside. This part of Arizona is at a much higher elevation than Tucson and temperatures during the day are about 20 degrees cooler than what you would normally find in Tucson. The original purpose of the trip was to go do a wine tasting at the Lawrence Dunham vineyard but everything was so lush and green that we decided to return the following weekend and stayed at the Sunglow Ranch, a guest ranch and mountain retreat. The ranch and the surrounding countryside was spectacular and we got a lot of hiking done. We came back to Tucson truly refreshed.

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San Diego July 2011

Decided to take a last minute trip to San Diego to avoid the oppressive heat in Tucson. Temperatures were reaching 115 degrees (46 Celsius) and it was time to find some more pleasant weather so off to San Diego we went. Once there we decided to take in the 4th of July fireworks show by going out on a harbor cruise ship and watching the fireworks from the middle of the bay. It was an awesome spectacle. The next day we decided to visit the mission at San Juan Capistrano. The grounds of the old mission are beautiful and it was a nice ride up the coast to the mission. On Wednesday, we opted for something different and decided to go up the mountains to visit the old mining town of Julian. This trip did not turn out as anticipated as it started to rain really, really hard about 1/2 hour after arriving. We ended up having some apple pie and ice cream, something the town is famous for, and then headed back to San Diego and on over to Coronado Island where we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Hotel Del Coronado beach. Drank more than we should have but, hey, it was a vacation after all.

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Verde Valley 2011

Took a trip up the Verde Canyon, in Northern Arizona, on the Verde Canyon Rail Road. This was an incredibly nice and relaxing trip. The day was perfect and there was much to see including some bald eagles that have taken residence year around in the Verde Canyon.

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Jordan 2000 - 2007

The original purpose for my going to Jordan was to do work with the Jordanian Ministry of Education. I was hired by USAID to provide guidance to ministry officials as they undertook the implementation of technology into their K-12 education system. I have made some wonderful friends and can say that Jordanians are some of the world's most hospitable and friendly people. From an archeological standpoint, Jordan has some of the most beautiful places to visit such as the Dead Sea, Jerash, Ajlun, Petra, Mt. Nebo, and the baptismal site of Jesus.

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2006- 2010

Here you will find photos from my trips to the Carribean, Georgia Republic, Sonoma, Napa Valley, Lodi, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sedona, Wyoming, Breckenridge, North Carolina, New York City, Paris, and Vail.

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2000 - 2005

Here you will find photos from my trips to Hawaii, Ireland, Mendocino, Italy, Napa Valley, Santa Fe, Vilnius, London, Niagara, Prague, Germany, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, Zurich, and the Caribbean.

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Here you will find photos from my trips to Provence, England, Rome, Florence and Venice. You will note that the photos are not of particularly high quality due to having used sub-par photography equipment. Still, some of the photos are nice to see. I have yet to post all the photos from my trips during this time period, but will do so as time permits me to scan those photos and place them on the website.

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