July 6th

On Wednesday, the sixth, we decided to do something different and decided to drive up Interstate 8 and headed up into the mountains to visit a little mining town we had heard off called Julian. The trip itself was wonderful especially once we got off the interstate and started heading up the mountains. The surrounding countryside was beautiful and the drive was a very pleasant one as we climbed higher and higher. We got to Julian which was a bit smaller than we anticipated and got to visit a shop or two before a major rainstorm hit the area with lightning and thunder all around. We decided to have some apple pie and ice cream (something the town is famous for) and see if the rain would let up but no luck. So, we decided to make a run for the car and head on back to San Diego where ended up at the Hotel Del Coronado beach. We ordered some drinks and proceeded to let the afternoon wind its way down before heading back to our own hotel. Ended up this evening like every other before it walking around Gaslamp Quarter and finding an outside cafe to eat and people watch.