HP BlackBird 002 Upgrade Project - Summer 2010

In December 2007, I bought an HP BlackBird 002 A1 computer. It came equipped with an ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard, an Intel Core Extreme CPU Q6850 overclocked to 3.3 GHz, 4 GB of Corsair RAM, and 2 EVGA GTX 8800 Ultras running in SLI mode. The CPU was water cooled using an Asetek LCLC system similar to the new Corsair H50 but with a 240mm radiator instead of the 120mm radiator which comes with the H50. Along with the BlackBird, I also bought a 30 inch (76.20 cm) HP LP3065c LCD monitor and a Creative 7.1 THX speaker system.

After 3 years it was time for an upgrade. This time around I decided that I would water cool not only the CPU but also the video cards and the North- and Southbridge as well. I also wanted to reduce fan noise so I would replace all existing fans with newer, quieter models that push more air, to complement the additional fans I would need to place in the BlackBird for the extra radiator that I planned to acquire to help cool all the components. To provide more power and quiet the Blackbird even more, I replaced the original PSU, a Topower Powerbird 1100W, with a Corsair 1200W Professional Gold Series PSU. To improve hard disk performance, I installed a Western Digital WD6000HL, 600GB 10,000 RPM boot drive. I also decided to buy top of the line components for this upgrade project. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit is used as the OS.

Three 1.5 GB Seagate ST31500341AS 7,200 RPM drives, used for storage, are the only components that remain from the original build.