Here you will find photos and videos of my home and some of the artwork I've collected over the years.


The kitchen, one of my favorite areas of the house.

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Family Room

I have installed a superb home entertainment system in this room and I very much enjoy watching HD TV or my huge collection of DVD and BluRay movies.

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Home Office

My home office is where I spend a great deal of time when I am home.

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Dining and Living Room

I love to entertain and in this room I've had some of the best of times with family and friends. Here you will find some of my finer pieces of art.

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This is where I come to relax and do my reading. A nice glass of wine, a good book and some fine background music - it doesn't get better than this.

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Guest Bedroom

I have named this room "Paul's room" in honor of my friend who has spent the most time in this room.

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Master Bedroom

This is a very large and comfortable room. Please note the wood floor; it is rare Brazilian Cherry. Originally the top floor was carpeted as were the stairs. My initial intent was to only put wood flooring in the library, but after viewing how beautiful the wood looked in that room, I decided to do the entire top floor in Brazilian Cherry and use Persian rugs to decorate the rooms. To match the railing on the stairs, I had the stairs done in oak.

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Master Bathroom

As with all the bathrooms this one has also had major remodeling work done on it.

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Guest Bathroom

This bathroom was completely gutted and redone during the house renovation project.

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Downstairs Bathroom

As with the guest bathroom upstairs, the downstair bathroom was completely gutted and built around Kohler fixtures.

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Operations Room

This room houses all my file servers and laser printer. I have 3 production HP DL 380 servers and 3 Compaq Proliant testing servers. I also have a Cisco ASA firewall and Cisco switching equipment and it is this room where my Internet connection comes into the house. The entire house is wired for gigabit Ethernet and and wireless is available as well.

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In this folder you will find close up's of some of the artwork I own.

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Old Jerusalem Photos

I was lucky enough to find, through my friend Ala', a set of photographs taken in the early part of the 20th Century of Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East. I have kept the majority of them for myself, but some have been made available to family and friends as gifts.

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Backyard Wildlife

Here you will find photos of animals that frequent my backyard. Every day brings some new adventure. The backyard is a favorite place for the Southwest's birds of prey due to the bird feeders that I have which attract doves, quail, finches and all sorts of other birds and animals.

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Bobcat in Backyard

There is a bobcat (or lynx as it is know in other parts of the world) that has taken up residence somewhere near my house and he shows up regularly. I've seen bobcats navigating the back wall, but this is the first one that seems comfortable around humans and I've been able to get as close as twenty feet (six meters) while taking photos. I have been able to take some video of it as well.

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Home Videos

Here you will find videos of the interior and exterior of my home.

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